Research & Development

Security Researcher


Job Description:

  • Research TTPs, current and new threat in cybersecurity
  • Create lab and simulation of cybersecurity attack
  • Study cybersecurity attack and analyze ways to prevent and detect it
  • Improve and update internal IOC databases


  • Deep understanding of MITRE framework, including ATT&CK
  • Deep understanding of SOC Framework
  • Preferably have experience in working as SOC Engineer/Analyst
  • Understand how to read Snort/Suricata rule file
  • Preferably have exposure in various IT Security solutions (firewall, WAF,etc)
  • Preferably have coding experience, especially to make automation
  • Preferably have some kind of capability in Linux System Administration
  • Above basic understanding of IT networking
  • Result oriented and require minimal supervision to achieve target
  • Good communication skills
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